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You are a nucleus of normal matter lost in a sea of anti-matter. You shall dominate the sector and gain control over this part of the universe.

This game is a small project made by only one person in about three months. All the assets, sounds and music in the game has been made by myself. I hope any amount of people will like it, as it is a rather peculiar game. You are in control of a nucleus and a cloud of electrons. You must harvest resources to expand your cloud and become stronger to defeat the evil Anti-Particles.

Quick Guide:

  • Move your core (Blue) around with WASD
  • Use the mouse to move your electrons (Cyan) around
  • Keep the left mouse button pressed to increase entropy within your cloud
  • Move your electrons into matter (Purple, Green and Yellow) to harvest
  • Kill the anti-cores (Red) with your electrons
  • Destroy the mother-anti-core to progress

The general idea of the game was to be a rather simple game with simple mechanics, but challenging with those mechanics. With the way the game works, it means being better that the Anti-particles at maneuvering your electrons to smash your cloud in their cores.

The game is in English and French, free to play and distribute. It is the same with the soundtrack, feel free to share and remix it if you please.

Good luck making the Universe, and have fun!


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Army of Electrons 10 MB
Army of Electrons OST 142 MB

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